About Us


Harry Houdini had the rare ability to make the impossible seem effortless. He developed an encyclopedic knowledge of magic and perfected death-defying escapes to become the greatest magician of all-time. We share this level of commitment and a remarkable flavor for life with Houdini.

The Houdini Kitchen Lab is the brainchild of over 60 years of combined experience in the art of hospitality. Our belief is that a sublime meal comes from a delicate balance of preparation, freehanded naturalism, and using the finest ingredients available.

Integrity and a process that respects traditions—such ideas are vital to our cooking. The flavors of our recipes range from succulent and hearty to sweet and piquant. Some dishes draw from our Italian heritage, others explore the imagination of what may happen when simple ingredients combine in unexpected ways. Each recipe and drink is thoughtfully selected to evoke its natural essence and to excite the palette.

Harry Houdini brought warmth and wonder to his life’s work. We work to bring you the same with every plate served.

Buon appetito!